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Experienced Full Stack Developer



Hybrid Offshore is a holistic approach to a company’s workforce, where teams are comprised of professionals from different  locations.

Experienced Full Stack Developer

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<p>Are you a passionate Full Stack Developer with a love for Node.js and an insatiable curiosity for modern technologies? Join our team and become part of a company that thrives on innovation and continuous learning in the cloud and web development realms.</p><p><strong>About Us:</strong></p><p>We are a team of experts deeply entrenched in the world of</p><p>modern software development, specializing in various technological domains</p><p>within the cloud and web environments. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the</p><p>curve, consistently researching and adopting cutting-edge technologies. Our</p><p>commitment extends to our employees, providing opportunities for ongoing</p><p>learning and professional growth through mentorship, courses, training</p><p>programs, and participation in industry conferences. If you're looking to advance</p><p>your career in a young, dynamic, and diverse environment, this is the perfect opportunity for you.</p>


<p><br></p><ul><li><strong>4 years</strong> of Full Stack development experience with a <strong>strong focus on Node.js</strong>.</li><li>Proficiency in <strong>Frontend development using Angular/React</strong>.</li><li><strong>TypeScript experience</strong> is a <strong>must</strong>.</li><li>Familiarity with <strong>Cloud platforms</strong> (AWS, GCP, Azure) is an advantage.</li><li>Knowledge of <strong>Kubernetes, Docker, and Microservices</strong> is a plus.</li></ul>

Dynamic and diverse, Accelerate for your professional development, Experts in the company of experts, Home for technology lovers, We've got your back

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We consider ourselves lucky since we are able to turn our hobby into a prosperous career. Being a dynamic software development and consulting company means we never stop learning, evolving… Growing. Join us and always be one step ahead!