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Infrastructure Systems Specialist

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Infrastructure Systems Specialist

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<p><strong> ABOUT THE POSITION:</strong> CodeValue is seeking an <strong>Infrastructure Systems Specialist</strong> to join our IT&nbsp;team.</p><p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p><p><strong>WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN OUR TEAM:</strong></p><p>At CodeValue, you will lead the way in adopting the most cutting-edge technologies. With our elite development team, you will play a crucial role in helping our customers stay at the forefront of their respective fields.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Summary:</strong> An infrastructure and systems expert with at least two years of efficient and proven experience in managing, supporting, and operating Windows and Linux systems. Proficient in server installation and maintenance, with in-depth knowledge of networking and security.</p>


<p><strong>2+ Years of experience with:</strong></p><ol><li><strong>Operating System Operations Experience:</strong></li></ol><ul><li>Proven experience in installing upgrades and supporting Windows and Linux operating systems.</li><li>Ability to tackle technological challenges and solve problems quickly and efficiently.</li></ul><ol><li><strong>Domain Servers, DNS, NTP Support and Upgrade:</strong></li></ol><ul><li>In-depth knowledge in Install upgrades and supporting Domain Servers, DNS, and NTP.</li><li>Ability to understand and resolve issues related to device connections and server functionality.</li></ul><ol><li><strong>WAF, Firewall Infrastructure Support:</strong></li></ol><ul><li>Experience and expertise in supporting and configuring WAF and firewall products.</li><li>Ability to implement and maintain security systems professionally and efficiently.</li></ul><ol><li><strong>Certifications in Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft:</strong></li></ol><ul><li>Having experience and familiarity with Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft certifications is advantageous.</li></ul><p><strong>Additional Skills:</strong></p><ul><li>Ability to work collaboratively with teams and interact with internal and external clients.</li><li>Reading and understanding technical documentation in English.</li><li>Self-learner</li></ul>

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