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Software Architect & System Engineer



Hybrid Offshore is a holistic approach to a company’s workforce, where teams are comprised of professionals from different  locations.

Software Architect & System Engineer

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<p>CodeValue is a company of experts in the software world, specializing in a modern technological areas such as cloud environment, development, IoT, Microsoft ecosystems, diverse web and mobile environments, and more. We are looking for a System Engineer for our branch in Yokneam for a central and challenging role in leading the development of a new generation in modern architecture. This role includes full engineering responsibility for the product in all lifecycle, from defining requirements and setting a working point to implementation and maintenance.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Job Description:</strong></p><p>A key partner in the project management team, significantly influencing working relationships with other system engineers and subsystem developers.</p><p>Definition and analysis of requirements, examination of alternatives, and recommendation for the working point, professional guidance of software and system teams (development/testing/DevOps/integration) in the development processes.</p><p>Synchronizing tasks with project goals, overseeing promotion activities, and controlling implementation in terms of quality and schedule.</p><p>Writing specifications and definition documents.</p><p>Supporting external content mapping processes, writing SOW, guiding contractors, and managing product integration in the project.</p><p>A broad perspective on project needs and constraints, customers, and partners throughout the product lifecycle.</p>


<p><br></p><p>- Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Systems, a Master's degree in Systems Engineering - a plus.</p><p>- Experience in software development and leading software projects with significant scope (preferably using Agile methodologies).</p><p>- Experience in IT, cyber, systems engineering, and project management is a significant advantage.</p><p>- Familiarity with GIS and video systems - a plus.</p><p>- Strong planning and organizational skills, ability to handle high-pressure situations, independence, and flexibility in the face of changes.</p><p class="ql-direction-rtl"><br></p>

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