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Take your development goals global with CodeValue's proven offshore services.
We provide access to a pool of highly skilled engineers who can seamlessly integrate with your existing team,  delivering exceptional results at competitive rates.

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East Europe

Codevalue Bulgaria

Building on a strong foundation, CodeValue Bulgaria (formerly DevelopSoft) has thrived since its establishment in 2014. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, this offshore software development company offers a comprehensive suite of IT services.  Their expertise goes beyond just development, encompassing planning, design, application and platform creation, business process management, project oversight, and outsourcing solutions –  everything you need to bring your vision to life. Over the years, CodeValue Bulgaria has tackled a wide range of projects, helping clients achieve their ambitious goals.

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CodeAgile is now CodeValue Romania
CodeValue Bulgaria 10th BD
east europe

codevalue romania

CodeValue Romania (previously "Codegile") is based at Brasov, Romania and is comprised of a skilled team of passionate individuals who want nothing more than to help their customers build their dream team and spearhead projects. We feel that acquiring knowledge is the key to stability and consistent success. We not only gain knowledge through traditional channels we also learn as we go. This enables us to quickly modify our process to meet client needs. We work with various industries and adapt our technical and professional skills to exceed client expectations.

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The concept

We at CodeValue locate, recruit, train, mentor, and manage software professionals from Eastern Europe who, in combination with our Israeli technology leadership, create development teams that provide quality code solution

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the method

We offer managed and integrated Dev’ teams that comply with CodeValue’s accredited software quality standard. Our teams consist of developers from both, Israel and Eastern Europe. This mix and integration enable us to bridge the cultural and language barriers, as well as preserve the CORE workload in Israel. Relying on our many years of experience in establishing an integrated global operation, we have developed a 3 stage systematic work methodology: Launch, Implementation & operational Excellence

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Distributed team mgmt

We believe "Local is Global”. This means outlining and implementing the same processes, methodologies, and best practices across the team (wherever they might be) to ensure synchronization and alignment.


remote work practices

Building infrastructure that includes information security and shared work mechanisms and using common development tools & knowledge in order to create an open line of communication and efficient ongoing work practices.


software architecture

Utilizing our specialty and extended experience in software architecture to benefit customers' goals.


language and culture

All of our employees are fluent English speakers in addition to their ״native languages" which may be referred to as the programming and coding languages they specialize in and excel at. The unique CodeValue DNA ensures that a TO-DO approach, proactivity, and a high self-learning ability characterize every employee.

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