The CodeValue Group

The CodeValue group is dedicated to providing innovative software solutions and exceptional service to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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CloudEX is on a mission to help your organization on its cloud journey. Every company has its own needs and challenges. CloudEX offers custom-made managed services that will assist your company in adopting the public cloud in a secure, cost-effective, and simplified way.

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East Europe

CodeValue Romania

CodeValue Romania (previously "Codegile") is based at Brasov, Romania and is comprised of a skilled team of passionate individuals who want nothing more than to help their customers build their dream team and spearhead projects. We feel that acquiring knowledge is the key to stability and consistent success. We not only gain knowledge through traditional channels we also learn as we go. This enables us to quickly modify our process to meet client needs. We work with various industries and adapt our technical and professional skills to exceed client expectations.

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East Europe

CodeValue Bulgaria

CodeValue Bulgaria (previously "DevelopSoft") is an offshore software development company, located in Sofia, Bularia. The company offers a wide range of IT services – planning, design and development of software platforms and applications, business process management, project management, outsourcing and so on.

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Monkey Tech

MonkeyTech delivers exceptional products in a cost-effective process providing outsourcing solutions. We are a professional development team with a sharp and strategic mindset that will consistently deliver results and exceed expectations. For more than 10 years, our team has provided one-stop source, implementing high-end tech solutions to suit even the most unique needs, creating products that users love.

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Welldone Software

We have developed a unique and extremely successful model combining welldone's experts working remotely or on-site with the customer development teams. We offer supreme architectural and technical expertise provided by experienced full-stack polyglots with a holistic approach. We cover both your project's success and your team's progress.

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Group Partners


OP Innovate

OP Innovate provides world-class cyber expertise with a proven track record in adversarial and defensive cybersecurity as well as application security, helping global companies to secure their products and forge cyber resilience, readiness, and response.

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