Video based vital signs monitoring with NodeJS, React and React Native Development

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One of CodeValue's areas of expertise is NodeJS, React and React Native development services. We collaborated with to create a comprehensive Health Data Platform, incorporating a management and reporting app along with an innovative AI-based video app. The Binah Health Data platform empowers users to measure a diverse range of biomarkers using everyday devices such as smartphones, tablets.

Challenge aims to revolutionize health monitoring by developing a robust solution that can seamlessly integrate with various applications and workflows.  The specific challenge involved implementing an AI model to run on user devices, aiming to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the results obtained.


Our team undertook the challenge by developing two key applications - a Management and Reporting App and an AI-based Video App. Both applications were built from the ground up using NodeJS, React and React Native, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and a seamless user experience.

Management and Reporting App:
  • Visibility and Control: The app provides's customers with enhanced visibility over actions performed within the Health Data Platform. Users can monitor and manage various aspects of the platform effortlessly.
  • Customization: Tailored to meet the specific needs of's customers, the app allows for customization and configuration, ensuring a personalized and efficient user experience.
  • Biomarker Collection: Developed as both a React Native mobile app and a web app, this groundbreaking application enables users to collect a wide range of biomarkers using video data from standard devices.
  • Continuous Monitoring: For scenarios requiring continuous monitoring, the app supports external optical heart rate sensors, ensuring high quality results and reliability in health data collection.
  • Bloodless Blood Tests: The app facilitates bloodless blood tests, including hemoglobin, hemoglobin A1C, and cholesterol total, paving the way for non-invasive and convenient health assessments.


The collaboration resulted in a cutting-edge Health Data Platform, seamlessly integrating into diverse workflows through the Binah SDK. This platform allows users to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and more, providing a comprehensive Binah Wellness Score. The developed applications have not only met but exceeded the expectations, establishing a new standard in AI-powered health monitoring.


  • Innovation: The project showcased the capability to innovate in the health tech space, offering groundbreaking solutions for continuous health monitoring.
  • Scalability: Built with NodeJS and React, the platform is scalable to accommodate future updates and additional biomarker measurements. Video based vital signs monitoring with NodeJS, React and React Native Development Video based vital signs monitoring with NodeJS, React and React Native Development

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"In conclusion, our collaboration with CodeValue has contributed to advancing health monitoring technology, providing users with a powerful, user-friendly, and innovative Health Data Platform. The success of this project demonstrates CodeValue's expertise in NodeJS and React development, positioning them as a valuable partner to us in the ever-evolving health tech industry."

Udi Ben Senior, VP R&D,