Fsight: Implement DevOps processes

Implement DevOps processes, tools and practices to streamline and standardize Software Development process

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Fsight: Implement DevOps processes

The initial concepts

FSIGHT is the developer of Energy AI, a distributed energy solution designed to predict, optimize, and trade behind-the-meter local energy. By optimizing the grid from the bottom up, grid operators and end consumers can reduce costs, increase distributed energy resource penetration, and maximize local energy utilization.

FSIGHT’s technology forecasts and analyzes energy flows, enabling utilities, virtual power plants, and distributed energy resource owners to optimize behind-the-meter energy generation, storage, use, and trading. Each Energy AI agent acts both independently and cooperatively to ensure maximum utilization of the distributed energy resource


Fsight has set out to replace their current development flow with a completely new re-Implementation of a version control system, continues integration and continues delivery automation.


CodeValue DevOps experts joined Fsight’s team to implement Azure & Azure DevOps services. In order to Work on Git-based source control, utilize cloud-based managed services as much as possible, utilize Azure as the primary Cloud provider & address all aspects of the SDLC:

  • Source code management (repo, branches, etc.)
  • Build
  • Release
  • Artifact Management
  • Testing

Fsight: Implement DevOps processes
Fsight: Implement DevOps processes