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Building on our vast real-world experience we assist our customers spearhead their fields.


Browse our set of services

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Software Architecture is much more than just a technical exercise. It's a part of the entire software process that involves many stakeholders from different disciplines, and it has to be done right to ensure the success of your project.

Our cloud expertise consists of Certified Cloud Architects and Developers who are experienced in solving complex architectural problems, designing and delivering real enterprise-class software products to customers.

Using our extensive knowledge and vast experience in training teams, migrating organizations to newer platforms, and leading cutting-edge technology projects, we will help you fully embrace the exciting world of ALM & DevOps

Whether your needs involve traditional server-side development, native desktop applications, cloud computing, web technologies and/or mobile applications – we’ve got you covered with our passionate professionals.

Our frontend division is staffed with highly experienced tech leads and professionals who seek cutting edge technologies. Taking full responsibility, delivering products with quality, on-time and in-budget projects.

Gathering data, monitoring, controlling, or interacting with remote devices, are indispensable to creating value. out IoT experts manage the wealth, acquire data without friction, and process it into actionable, valuable business insights.

Our UX-UI group is an in-house analysis and design studio with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We play a key role all along software projects from the very definition of what it is that needs to be implemented to satisfy a business case, to how it needs to be implemented to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Cross-functional, development teams working shoulder to shoulder with your in-house R&D team as an integral part of your development infrastructure. Getting products, solutions, and outputs without any unnecessary fuss of unwanted costs.

Matching the cloud cost to the customer's specific needs is what we do best. Our philosophy is that a proper cloud cost model is an ongoing effort made of 4 major building blocks: FinOps, Infrastructure, Software Architecture & OPS.

From a specific architecture review, through restructuring a development process or a DevOps methodology and up to a full-scale analysis workshop that will pave the way for your next-generation product inception.

We offer extensive portfolio of professional courses.  Beyond structured courses, We offer a wide range of internal training tailored to meet our customer’s specific requirements and can even deliver individual training if necessary.

We are here to support you and your organization in defining the most efficient and effective development methods – while ensuring the best fit for your organization and suiting the reality and nature of your domain-specific operations.

Our AI services are designed to help you harness the power of your data, transform your decision-making processes, and innovate at scale. We use the latest machine learning, deep learning, and AI algorithms to develop solutions that can understand, learn from, and make predictions or decisions based on data.